Glamour Brow & Lash Care Studio

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Skin Care:-We use Dr.Spiller skin care solutions.Dr. Spiller has deciphered nature‚Äôs blueprints in order to provide targeted support to weak points in the skin.  Since 1959, in  Dr.Spiller's own laboratory nestled in the Bavarian Alps, they have explored the skin and the power of natural ingredients. Which specializes in a wide range of moisturizes and serums.Dr Spiller's HY-TEC(TM) Emulsion System works by restoring the lipid barrier,the skin's natural protection.The lipid regulates loss of moisture from the skin and protects from bacteria and inflammation.However,this natural protection is disrupted by today's harsh artificial environment.
Dr. Spilller's HY-TEC(TM) Emulsion System goes a step further,breaking through the key disadvantage of typical oil-based creams-a heavy,greasy consistency.Dr Spiller's unique technology has resulted in the formulation of silky creams that penetrate the skin immediately,providing lasting hydration,protection and rejuvenation.
Dr. Spiller's Pure  SkinCare Solution creams with HY-TEC(TM) Emulsion System return your skin to its natural balance for a healthy,smooth and radiant complexion.

Deep Cleansing Facial(50 min)                                   $55.00
 Anti-Aging With Vitamin C (60 min)                        $65.00
 Classic Facial With Vitamin C(60 min)                     $65.00
 Acne Treatment With Deep Cleansing(60 min)      $65.00
 Acne-Rosacea Treatment(60 min)                             $70.00